Crowds in central London cheer Team GB's medal winners from Athens

Events at London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics feature some of the most competitive and exciting events imaginable. Events included in these Olympic Games feature exciting competition on both the mens’ and women’s sides. These events include fencing, swimming, wrestling, water polo, gymnastics, and others. All of these sports require athletic and mental abilities which can only be achieved through intense preparation. Additionally, events at the Olympics include concerts, the running of the torch and intricate cultural displays. TV audiences become enamoured with the ways in which the city of London prepared to host the games. In fact, these events served to reenergise the city’s population, as it brought a substantial sum of money to the area, and provided jobs for the unemployed.

Swimming and gymnastics are two of the major draws of the Olympic Games. Part of the reason is that these events feature both individual achievements, as well as team competitions. The swimming relays are highly contested, and they require each teammate to support one another on their quest for a gold medal. Individual achievements, such as those made by famed American mens’ swimmer, Michael Phelps, garner worldwide attention. However, women’s gymnastics garners plenty of international attention as well. The American women’s team was nicknamed The Fab 5 by the press. This group of girls consistently show why they are some of the best gymnasts in the entire world. The events at the London Olympics made a lasting impression on everyone who participated in them. It also allowed people from all over the world to find out what London has to offer.


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Kelly Holmes
Backing the Bid:
Kelly Holmes

"Having a major championship in my home country is brilliant as you feel the whole stadium is rooting for you. It would be just brilliant to have the Olympics in London in 2012 - I look forward to being there and cheering the Great Britain team on."