Crowds in central London cheer Team GB's medal winners from Athens

Useful London Websites 2012

When visitors come to London, they often become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of activities available in the area. While some people walk away from their visit feeling satisfied, others tend to regret not participating in certain aspects that London provides. The best way to ensure that you get the best possible experience in London, you must visit some key websites to help you. These websites do not necessarily tell you what you should do, but they provide you with valuable information to allow you to maximise your time wisely. Most people choose to create an itinerary to help them to learn more information about the city of London. Here are some websites to explore for 2012.

One of the best websites to visit is found at, This website contains an incredible amount of information for first-time visitors in 2012. It provides budgeting information, place for exquisite food, lodging, and best places to visit. Another great site is People who visit this website will find that it contains special announcements or events for the area. This website also features a section which caters to people who intend to budget wisely, while sampling some of the best events in the city. Lastly, transportation is a critical component to the city, and the latest transportation information can be found at, Some of London’s transportation networks are quite complex, and this website breaks it down much more easily for people who visit the city.


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Kelly Holmes
Backing the Bid:
Kelly Holmes

"Having a major championship in my home country is brilliant as you feel the whole stadium is rooting for you. It would be just brilliant to have the Olympics in London in 2012 - I look forward to being there and cheering the Great Britain team on."