Crowds in central London cheer Team GB's medal winners from Athens

Best UK Sports

Sports bring all cultures together through spirited competition. They allow residents of different countries to rally around a common cause, while cheering their teams to victory. However, other sports which focus on individual abilities also take the stage. UK sports include tennis, soccer (or futbol), Formula-1 racing, football, swimming an golf, just to name a few. The London Olympic Games of 2012 provided a glimpse into how much value UK residents place on sports. Indeed, athletic accomplishments, whether they require individual skills or team unity, are a priority for many people who live in the UK. Young boys and girls see their heroes scoring the game-winning goal, and they grow up idolising such achievements. Perhaps the biggest draw for viewers and participants alike, is soccer.

England’s national soccer team is arguably the biggest draw for spectators within the UK. Soccer has risen to the top of the ladder in terms of worldwide popularity, and the pride that the UK residents display for their soccer clubs is incredible. EPL, or English Premier League soccer, is recognised worldwide as being one of the top soccer club organisations in the entire world. Famous teams represent Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool, to name a few. Many of the most notable players who star on these teams command massive professional salaries, some of which rival their American counterparts in the NFL, or National Football League. The UK is home to some of the best soccer stars on the entire planet.


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Kelly Holmes
Backing the Bid:
Kelly Holmes

"Having a major championship in my home country is brilliant as you feel the whole stadium is rooting for you. It would be just brilliant to have the Olympics in London in 2012 - I look forward to being there and cheering the Great Britain team on."