Crowds in central London cheer Team GB's medal winners from Athens

The London 2012 Olympic Games

Each time the summer Olympics begins, it is a draw which incorporates people from the entire globe. The 2012 Olympics were held in London. The games, which lasted from July 27th to August 12th, were then followed by the Paralympic Games. The Paralympic Games, which features some of the best disabled athletes from all over the world, draws a tremendous amount of attention as well. Interestingly, London has hosted the Olympic Games three other times. The city played host to the games in 1908, 1948, and 2012, respectively. London is widely regarded as a cultural mecca, so it should come as no surprise that Olympic officials appreciate all that the city has to offer. During the 2012 games, most of the events were held in what is called Olympic Park, which is located in East London.

Estimates indicated that roughly 180,000 spectators descended upon Olympic Park during the games. This figure is astonishing, considering the level of preparedness that London officials required of all people who were involved. The city was forced to analyse its public transportation capabilities, while simultaneously taking steps to ramp up security. Additionally, there were roughly 21,000 media members who took part in the festivities in London. This meant that power supplies and other accommodations had to be enacted before TV crews could start filming. The sheer man power that the event required is astonishing in itself, and it is a testament to the commitment showed by all of the residents of London.


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Kelly Holmes
Backing the Bid:
Kelly Holmes

"Having a major championship in my home country is brilliant as you feel the whole stadium is rooting for you. It would be just brilliant to have the Olympics in London in 2012 - I look forward to being there and cheering the Great Britain team on."